Important Dates

Conference @ MCCC

November 18, 2016

Planning Sessions

All planning sessions are scheduled from 10:00 AM - 12:15 PM. at the Monroe County ISD.

  •  October 20, 2016
  •  November 10, 2016
Conference Information

Coming Soon:                                   Student Leadership Flier

Adrianne Bross
Curriculum and Instruction
734-242-5799 x1330 
Cherie Hunter
Curriculum Resource Consultant
Curriculum and Instruction
734-242-5799 x1336 

Student Leadership (Project Outreach) Conference


The Project Outreach Student Leadership Conference is a one-day event for student leaders. The event is planned by a steering committee of one freshman, one sophomore, one junior and one senior from each participating high school. Each school sends their four committee members plus ten additional students who are recognized for their leadership to the event.


Participants attend content and "buzz" sessions that focus on student concerns. Groups pose questions to a panel of school and community leaders about issues that have surfaced in discussions and possible solutions.