Assistive Technology Forms

Assistive Technology Forms


General Forms

Word DocumentAT Evaluation Form

Word DocumentiPad Application Form

PDF Document Device Loan Agreement for Educational Home Use

PDF DocumentAssistive Technology Process

PDF DocumentAssistive Technology Q and A

Assessment Forms


                 Word Document Communication Assessment Form

Computer Access

                 Word Document Fine Motor Related to Computer (Access) Assessment Form 

Daily Living Skills

                 Word Document Learning and Studying Assessment Form
                 Word Document Recreation and Leisure Assessment Form

Hearing and Listening Aides

                 Word Document Hearing Assessment Form


                 Word Document Composing Written Material Assessment Form
                 Word Document Math Assessment Form
                 Word Document Reading Assessment Form



Vision Aides

                 Word Document Vision Assessment Form

Fine Motor

                Word Document Fine Motor Related to Computer (Access) Assessment Form 

                Word Document Mechanics of Writing Assessment Form

Gross Motor

                 Word Document Mobility Assessment Form

                 Word Document Seating and Positioning Assessment Form

General Assessment

                 Word Document Observation Guide

                 PDF DocumentAssistive Technology Checklist