Whole Apple Award Nominations

2020 Special Education Service Awards

Sponsored by the MCISD Whole Apple Award Committee

The Whole Apple Award Committee is pleased to accept nominations for the 2019-2020 Whole Apple Award. This award recognizes parents, educators, students, administrators, support staff members, and organizations in our community who provide exceptional service to those with special needs. This is a wonderful opportunity to honor and celebrate individuals for their commitment, education, and inclusion of individuals with special needs in our schools and community.

There are twelve different award categories included in the Whole Apple Award. If you know an individual who provides excellent service to students with disabilities, consider nominating them for this prestigious award.

Awards Categories

Special Education Teacher of the Year   

General Education Teacher of the Year Note: This honor is to recognize a general education teacher’s contribution to the education of students with disabilities.

Community Partner of the Year  Note: This honor is to recognize a volunteer in the community who has made an impact on the education of students with disabilities or a civic, church, corporate, or other groups who have made a significant contribution to students with disabilites.

Ancillary Service Professional of the Year

Special Education Paraprofessional of the Year

Rookie of the Year  Note: This person may represent any of these staff categories. They must be in their first or second year in education.

School or Program Administrator- Special or General Education

Special Education Exceptional Student of the Year

General Education Peer Mentor of the Year Note: This honor is to recognize a general education peer’s contribution to the inclusion of students with disabilities.

Special Education Parent of the Year

Non-Certified Ancillary Service Person of the Year (secretarial, custodial, transportation, liaison, etc.)

Life Time Achievement Award  Note: This honor is to recognize an individual who has made life-long contributions to students with disabilities.

Please complete the nomination form and upload a narrative summary describing the nominee’s actions and/or accomplishments. Finalists will be honored at the Whole Apple Award banquet on May 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM.

Please submit all nominations by March 6, 2020. Remember, we need your help to make the Whole Apple Award a success.

Thank you in advance for your nominations!

Please complete this form if you wish to nominate an individual for one of the recognition awards listed below. Use separate forms for multiple nominations.
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