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A partnership of the Monroe County Intermediate School District with Monroe County school districts, Monroe County Community College and many area businesses and industries to benefit all Monroe County students. LEARNING THAT WORKS FOR MONROE COUNTY.

MCTC Early College programs prepare students for a wide range of careers that reflect the contemporary workplace by offering many state-approved educational and career courses.

Video DocumentWhat is the MCTC Early College?

What is the MCTC Early College?

MCTC Early College is an exciting opportunity for students to remain at their high school for the majority of their coursework and further their CTE program at MCCC. This county-wide initiative allows high school students in CTE programs to extend their high school experience by one year. Students have the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and substantial college credit through an additional fifth year of study.

Who is eligible to participate in the MCTC?

MCTC is designed for high school CTE students interested in continuing their chosen occupational program into college. They commit to completing an approved technical certificate, associate’s degree, and/or up to 60 college credits. Applicants must be current 10th grade students enrolled in a participating Monroe County high school. They must also be or will be enrolled later this school year in a CTE program at their high school.

How will this program work with the typical high school student schedule?

Students will continue in their already-scheduled 10th grade year for 2016-2017 at their high school. They would then decide in the spring of their 10th grade year, to commit to participating in the MCTC Early College. Upon qualification for the program, they would be asked to commit to extend their high school experience one year and enroll in approved college courses that will lead toward a technical certificate, associate’s degree, and/or college credits.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is no cost to families for tuition, fees, textbooks, or required materials for the approved college courses. However, transportation to and from the MCCC campus is the responsibility of the student and his or her family. Students are expected to attend all class sessions for the college courses for which they register.

Can a student complete the program without leaving their high school?

Students typically will take some college courses in 11th and 12th grades while being enrolled in their high school CTE program and other courses for high school graduation requirements. Then in their 13th year, the majority of their classes will be MCCC courses; one remaining required high school credit may be taken through a course offered on the MCCC campus. The program of study is individualized for each student.

What is the difference between the Monroe County Technical and Career Early College and the Monroe County Middle College (MCMC)?

► MCTC is an 11-13th year early college program for high school students enrolled in a CTE program who want to pursue a technical certificate or an associate’s
degree. Students must follow an approved program of study leading to a certificate or degree. The certificate or degree is a career credential and is the capstone of the extended CTE experience.

► MCMC is a 5-year high school with classrooms on the MCCC campus for students in grades 9-13. MCMC students do not take high school courses at their local school; instead all of their high school courses are on the campus of the MCCC.

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General questions about the MCTC program are directed toward Jennifer LaDuke, Monroe County CTE Director, 734.322.2720.

HOW DO I APPLY? Please contact your school’s MCTC contact

India Schumake

Alice Murphy

Dina Brook
734-529-7008 ext. 14007

Miranda DeBruyne
734-529-7008 ext. 14008

Kelly Riley
734.269.9003 ext. 1506

Michele Jenkins

Brandon Bates, Principal

Scott Hochradel,
Lisa Warnke,
LiKina Turner,

Jenny Schyllander
734.279.1012 ext. 107

Jason Mensing
734.856.1443 ext. 103