A Letter to the Community

Dear Monroe County Community Member,

During the last five years the Monroe County Great Start Collaborative has been extremely effective in developing a strong infrastructure within our community to promote and support early childhood issues. Various community stakeholders including agencies, business leaders, and families with young children have come together to advocate for the needs of young children.

As part of the work of the Great Start Collaborative, data collection and gaps analysis have been an on-going process so that the strengths and needs related to early childhood can be continually evaluated and addressed. Using the indicators that are unique to Monroe County, we developed an updated Strategic Plan and Action Agenda based on the information gathered from our community.

The Monroe County Great Start Strategic Plan and Action Agenda were then presented to the full collaborative body for their approval and support. Members agreed that the Strategic Plan fulfilled their intention to best serve families and young children in our community. This plan was then formally endorsed by the Great Start Collaborative.

The commitment to early childhood demonstrated by our community is evident through the overwhelming support shown by all sectors. Clearly Monroe County is dedicated to ensuring that every child is ready to succeed in school and in life.


Members of the Monroe County Great Start Collaborative


"Early experiences determine whether a child's brain architecture will provide a strong or weak foundation for all future learning, behavior and health."

- Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University