Children's Yellow Pages

All parents need the support of good community systems to help themselves help their children. Across Michigan, parents of young children lack easy access to information and resources that will help them be their child's first and most important teacher. These Children's Yellow Pages contain information that parents of young children may need.

Literacy Happens at Home

Literacy Happens at Home was developed by early childhood teachers from Monroe County, Michigan as an ongoing professional study regarding early literacy skills.

PDF DocumentLiteracy Happens at Home

Report to the Community

For our community to make wise decisions about the future of our young children, we need to know the current status of young children in Monroe County. This report presents current community data in six areas; pediatric and family health care, social and emotional health care, early care and education, family support and parent education and family economic security and child safety. Each of these makes a critical contribution to the optimal brain development, health and early learning of young children.

PDF DocumentMDE - Great Start, Great Investment, Great Future

Strategic Plan

Monroe County's long history of supporting early childhood development has been critical in advancing the Great Start Initiative. Through the support of the Great Start Collaborative, our strategic plan and action agenda not only have been developed and shared, but reviewed and updated on a yearly basis. As a result, we have continually worked to ensure that the needs of families and children are identified and addressed.

Creativity and Imagination CONNECTion

Children are born with a natural drive to make sense of the world. Right from birth, infants brains are making connections about how things work and cause and effect, as well as developing ways to influence their world. It is the role of the important adults in their lives to help foster and facilitate this drive. Creativity and imagination , as well as, intellectual development are enhanced when, right from birth, parents make eye contact, smile, talk to, sing to, and rock their babies.