Parenting Leadership

Parenting leadership in the Great Start System is a continuum of services and supports ranging from parent education for parents in the critical role they play in the healthy development of their infants and other young children, to parents as leaders who advocate for their own children as well as the needs of other young children.

Educational Services

Youth Opportunity Program (YOP)    734-342-8523
The Youth Opportunity Program (YOP) offers Monroe County youth an opportunity to complete a diploma, GED or to get and keep a job.
Facebook: "Youth Opportunity Program"

Project READ    734-342-2721
Project READ expands and enhances the abilities of adults to read and understand in their personal and professional lives.

Helpful Hints

Never Leave Children Alone in Parked Vehicles
On average, 38 children die in hot cars each year from heat - related deaths after being trapped inside motor vehicles. On a day when the temperature outside is 86 degrees, the temperature inside a car can quickly reach 135 or even 150 degrees! Research shows that leaving the windows open a crack does
little to reduce this oven effect.

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