Please do not mail or bring copies of your application, resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation or additional support documents to the District unless requested. Due to space limitations, unsolicited hard copy documents will be discarded.


Open Positions
Elizabeth Taylor, J.D.
Assistant Supt for Human Resources & Legal Counsel
Human Resources & Legal Counsel
734-242-5799 x1200 
Janel Faber
Administrative Assistant
Human Resources & Legal Counsel
734-242-5799 x1210 
Jennifer Dively
Human Resources & Legal Counsel
734.242.5799 x1156 



Thank you for your interest in employment with the Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD). We provide and enrich educational opportunities for students, schools, and communities, and could not do so without the skills and dedication of our staff.


We believe an online system provides an easier application process for individuals seeking employment with the District by reducing paperwork and time, in addition to providing access to a greater number of job opportunities. Please see Employment Opportunities on the previous page.


If you are interested in applying for employment, you must complete an online application. Once you submit your online application and apply for a posted position, it will be available for immediate review online by our administrative staff. You'll receive an email, verifying receipt of your application.


Once again, thank you for your interest in the Monroe County Intermediate School District. We look forward to reviewing your online application and support documentation as positions become available. We wish you success in your job search efforts.


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