SmartFindExpress - Substitute Employee Mgt System

Welcome to SmartFindExpress, a service providing internet access to the Substitute Employee Management System (SEMS) for employees and substitutes.

  •  Employees report absences in SmartFindExpress

  • Substitutes view vacancies and pick up jobs in SmartFindExpress

                   LOG-ON to SmartFindExpress

SFE Instructions

How to log-in to SFE:

PDF DocumentEmployee Quick Reference Guide

PDF DocumentSubstitute Quick Reference Guide

SFE Orientation Videos

How to log-in to SFE:

Video Document Employee Orientation Video

Video Document Substitute Orientation Video

Phone-In Absences

To phone-in an absence or view vacancies, please call 734.242.5356 for further instructions.

Substitute Do Not Use Form