Message from the Superintendent


     This is an exciting time to be employed at the MCISD. Much time and effort over the last couple years has gone into “Telling Our Story." We have been working on connecting our staff to our Mission Statement, which states, “Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World.” There are two areas that have been the primary focus: employee engagement; and creating a positive culture.

     We have given our staff a voice. It’s vital that employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions about their workplace. By explaining employees’ role in important decisions, and by making communication a priority, we hope that employees feel comfortable supporting, and even advocating, for our goals. We also feel that communication builds relationships between all levels of staff, creating an environment of effective collaboration. Ultimately, empowered employees who feel satisfied in their jobs, dedicated to their work, and confident in their supervisors, are more likely to be committed to our organization.

     The MCISD has taken the opportunity to engage in an extensive self-analysis in preparation for our AdvancED Accreditation visit. Two things that have come out of this work is the acknowledgment that we have a “caring, committed, collaborative staff” and the “overall culture is focused on student success.”

      We celebrate the work of our staff and continue to provide each student with a high quality educational experience.

     Should you have any questions regarding the AdvancED process, please contact me at 734-242-5799 ext. 1000 or


Stephen J. McNew


Andrea Murphy
Administrative Assistant
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Communications Coordinator
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