Monroe County Educational Directory

The Monroe County Educational Directory is a compilation of information that provides the contact information of area schools, local and federal governments and non-profit entities. The booklet is provided to local school districts and community members as a resource guide. However, information within the booklet is current to the date it was published and new contact information may not be included in the directory.

Each Monroe County School District has an extensive employee directory that is updated regularly. Please click the link below to access the directory you wish.

Airport Community Schools

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Bedford Public Schools

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Dundee Community Schools

     Directory Icon Dundee Community Schools Staff Directory



Ida Public Schools

    Directory Icon  Ida Public Schools District Directory

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Jefferson Public Schools

    Directory Icon  Jefferson Schools District Directory

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Mason Consolidated Schools

    Directory Icon  Mason Consolidated Schools District Directory

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Monroe Public Schools

    Directory Icon   Monroe Public Schools District Directory

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Summerfield Schools

    Directory Icon    Summerfield School District Directory

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Whiteford Agricultural Schools

    Directory Icon   Whiteford Agricultural Schools District Directory

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Monroe County ISD

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Employee Directory