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Name Email PositionBuilding Phone & Extension
Kathy (Atchison) Maniaci  emailSend email to Kathy (Atchison) Maniaci   Bus DriverAdministration Building 734.242.5799  x4348 
Lindsey (Boyle) Waller  emailSend email to Lindsey (Boyle) Waller   Parent EducatorSpecial Education Services Building 734.242.5799  x1855 
Alicia (Conklin) Beier  emailSend email to Alicia (Conklin) Beier   TeacherSpecial Education Services Building 734-242-5799  x4088 
Marlana (LaFave) Jones  emailSend email to Marlana (LaFave) Jones   PsychologistEducational Center Building 734.242.5799  x1859 
Lindsey (Maclin) Lombardo  emailSend email to Lindsey (Maclin) Lombardo   TeacherEducational Center Building 734-242-5799  x4157 
Mary (Vermandere) Snyder  emailSend email to Mary (Vermandere) Snyder   Home VisitorSpecial Education Services Building 734-242-5799  x4259 
Pam Adair  emailSend email to Pam Adair   Physical TherapistSpecial Education Services Building 734-242-5799  x1626 
Sarah Adkins  emailSend email to Sarah Adkins   FloaterSouth Monroe Townsite 734.242.5799  x4408 
Douglas Allard  emailSend email to Douglas Allard   TeacherTransition Center Building 734-242-5799  x1868 
Jennifer Allen  emailSend email to Jennifer Allen   Program AssistantEducational Center Building 734-242-5799  x4241 

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