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Name Email PositionBuilding Phone & Extension
Kathy (Atchison) Maniaci  emailSend email to Kathy (Atchison) Maniaci   Bus DriverAdministration Building 734.242.5799  x4348 
Alicia (Conklin) Beier  emailSend email to Alicia (Conklin) Beier   TeacherSpecial Education Services Building 734-242-5799  x4088 
Laura (Haeussler) Finkbeiner  emailSend email to Laura (Haeussler) Finkbeiner   TeacherSpecial Education Services Building 734.242.5799   
Nicole (Howes) Dethloff  emailSend email to Nicole (Howes) Dethloff   PsychologistSpecial Education Services Building 734.242.5799  x4035 
Lindsey (Maclin) Lombardo  emailSend email to Lindsey (Maclin) Lombardo   TeacherSpecial Education Services Building 734-242-5799  x4157 
Meghan (McFarlane) Winslow  emailSend email to Meghan (McFarlane) Winslow   TeacherSpecial Education Services Building 734-242-5799  x4327 
Angela (Migliore) Ratliff  emailSend email to Angela (Migliore) Ratliff   Parent EducatorSpecial Education Services Building 734.242.5799  x1863 
Erin (Peters) Johnson  emailSend email to Erin (Peters) Johnson   Social WorkerSpecial Education Services Building 734.242.5799  x4206 
Laura (Pierce) Geiger  emailSend email to Laura (Pierce) Geiger   TeacherRiverside Learning Center 734.242.5799  x4427 
Sarah (Rose) Snyder  emailSend email to Sarah (Rose) Snyder   Orientation and Mobility SpecialistEducational Center Building 734.242.5799  x1339 

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