Production Area Services

The following lists the production services and supplies available in the IRTC:

Binding Machine

Use the electric binding machine to punch holes and bind loose paper into image-enhancing booklets, reports, handbooks, and more. Plastic binders range from 5/16" to 2" in diameter.

Button Maker

A circle cutter automatically cuts the paper into a 2¾" diameter circle while the button maker presses the cut circle into a 2¼" diameter metal button. A computer program is also available to help you design your own buttons. Ask an IRTC staff member for assistance when using this program.

Ellison Letter Machine

Download the complete Ellison Die Cut list.

This is a manually operated press that will cut out letters and/or shapes from templates called dies. The dies can be used to cut construction paper, poster board, felt, fabric, magnetic sheets, or static cling vinyl. You may bring in your own materials or purchase them for a nominal fee at the IRTC counter. Please refer to the supplies price list for current prices. There is no charge if you provide your own materials.

HOT Laminator Machines

The IRTC houses three laminators for your convenience. These machines will laminate paper up to 1/16" thick (poster board thickness) and are available during normal IRTC hours of operation. There are two large machines that are 27" wide, while the third machine is smaller at 12" wide.

Color Poster Maker

The Color Poster Maker will allow you to print color posters on a large variety of media and in an assortment of sizes. The sizes range from small 8½" x 11" posters to 24" x 36" classroom posters. Large custom banners and many more sizes are available to choose from. You can also make bumper stickers and vinyl decals. Ask an IRTC staff member for assistance when using this program.

3-Hole Punch

An electric three-hole punch is available for use free of charge. It can punch a maximum of 6 pages at one time.

Art Supplies (limited amount)

We provide a limited amount of art supplies that may be used in conjunction with the other production supplies and services provided in the Teacher Production Area of the IRTC. These include pencils, crayons, staplers, and glue, to name a few.

Colored paper and construction paper (8½" X 11")

Ellison Specialty Papers

There are a variety of specialty papers that may be purchased for use with the Ellison machines. These include cling vinyl, sponge paper, and more.

Assorted Colored Poster Board

Production Area Price List

Ellison Supplies

  • Sponge Paper $2.75
  • Poly Foam Paper $1.00
  • Cling Vinyl Paper $2.75

Spiral Binding Combs

  • 5/16", 7/16", 9/16", 3/4" - $0.25
  • 1", 1.5", 2" - $0.25

Color Poster Maker

  • Starting at $3.00
  • Bumper Stickers $0.75 per inch
  • Vinyl Decals $0.75 per inch


  • Button Maker $0.50
  • Lanyards $2.00
  • Photo Clips $0.50


  • Astrobright $0.05
  • Poster Board (white) $1.00
  • Poster Board (neon) $1.00
  • Regular Construction $0.05


(prices charged per foot)

  • Large Laminator  $1.00
  • Small Laminator (prices charged per foot) $2.00

PDF DocumentDownload the printer friendly price list.


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