MCISD Catering Request

Catering requests must be submitted 10 days prior to an event to guarantee product availability.

All catering events will be setup 15 minutes prior to the stated serving time below unless noted otherwise by the requestor.

Review the catering menu prior to completing this form. Please do not deviate from the offered menu options. We will attempt to fulfill all requests from the current catering menu. If a special request is needed, please provide ample notice and we will do our best to accommodate.

Questions regarding catering issues can be emailed to Pam Oberski at or 734.269.9003, ext. 3510.


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IMPORTANT: When placing an order, include all items needed: food, beverages, paper products; be specific where needed. Please do not add extra time to the serving time unless absolutely necessary. For all meals: Clean up time will be dependent on if hot foods are served. Per food safety regulations, hot foods will be cleaned up not more than an hour after serving time.
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