Staff Forms

District Forms

Word DocumentOfficial Letterhead

Word DocumentOfficial Memo Template - Business and Administrative Services

Word DocumentOfficial Memo Template - Curriculum and Instruction

Word DocumentOfficial Memo Template - Human Resources and Legel Counsel

Word DocumentOfficial Memo Template - Special Education and Early Childhood Services

PDF DocumentBusiness Card Request Form

Truancy Protocol: Project Graduation

In February 2016, the Monroe County Prosecutor's Office, in cooperation with the Monroe County ISD and all nine local school districts, launched the new Monroe County Truancy Protocol: Project Graduation. This new truancy plan is focused on increasing student attendance and high school graduation rates.

 PDF DocumentTruancy Protocol - Full document

Printable Letters/Forms

   Word DocumentLetter 1

   Word DocumentLetter 2

   Word DocumentAttendance Improvement Plan (AIP) Form

   Word DocumentAIP Meeting Summary Letter

   Word DocumentProsecutor Truancy Referral Form

   Word DocumentLaw Enforcement Referral Form

Please refer any questions regarding the Monroe County Truancy Protocol to Michelle Brahaney, at 734.342.8510. 

Business and Administrative Services Forms

MCISD Credit Card Request Form

               PDF DocumentCredit Card Form

Expense Forms

Excel Document Mileage Table  

Excel Document2016 Staff Reimbursement and Mileage Form

Excel Document2017 Staff Reimbursement and Mileage Form

Professional Conference Form

Excel DocumentProfessional Conference Form

Purchase Order Forms

Word Document Vendor Request Form - The Vendor Request form is designated for new vendor requests and updates to an existing vendor.

Payroll Forms


Direct Deposit

Procedure for starting direct deposit or making changes to existing direct deposits. Forms are also available in the payroll office.

PDF DocumentDirect Deposit Form

2016 Payroll Schedule -- Payroll schedule for timesheet pay period and pay dates.

PDF Document2017 Payroll Schedule

W-9 Form

Request for taxpayer identification number and certification for contracted services.

PDF DocumentW-9 Form w/Instructions

W-4 Forms

Employee Income Tax Withholding Exemption Certificates.

PDF DocumentFederal
PDF DocumentState of Michigan

Payroll Deduction Forms

Word DocumentRecognition and Coffee Fund
Word DocumentSalary Reduction Agreement for Tax Annuities

Time Sheets


Hourly Staff Time Sheets

 Excel DocumentHourly Classroom Staff Time Sheet
 Excel DocumentHourly Long Term Substitute Employee Time Sheet
 Excel DocumentHourly Staff Time Sheet

 Excel DocumentHead Start PSA Time Sheet

Transportation Staff Time Sheet

Excel DocumentTransportation Staff Time Sheet

Excel DocumentTransportation Time Sheet (Sub)

Professional Staff Time Sheets

Word DocumentProfessional Temporary Employee TIme Sheet

Word DocumentProfessional Employee Summer Daily Time Sheet

Student Activity Deposits

PDF DocumentStudent Activity Deposit & Check Request Form

Curriculum and Instruction Forms

Wisdomwhere ID and Password Requests - these forms are also located under Curriculum & Instruction Professional Learning page.

SCECHs: State Continuing Education Clock Hours

School Employee ID Request Form

 iPad App Request

Word DocumentiPad Application Form

Human Resources and Legal Counsel

General Forms

Excel DocumentCalendar Form (Bubble Sheet) for 16-17 School Year

Excel DocumentCalendar Form (Bubble Sheet) for 17-18 School Year

Word DocumentCertified Staff - Lane Change Form

Word DocumentDisciplinary Warning Notice 

Word DocumentEducational Reimbursement for Supervisors

PDF DocumentEmployee Injury Procedure

Word DocumentEmployee and Supervisor Report of Injury (NEW)

Word DocumentEmployee Status (Address or Name) Change Form 

Word DocumentFMLA Request Form

Word DocumentHoliday Camp Memorial 

Word DocumentHomebound Request Form 

Word DocumentInsurance Termination Form

Word DocumentLong Term Sub Aide Request

Word DocumentMembership Dues Form - MCIFSA Only

Word DocumentMentor Teacher for Virtual Classes

Word DocumentPlan of Improvement  

Word DocumentReceipt of Medication

Word DocumentRequest for Position Posting  

Word DocumentRequest for Reasonable Accommodation

PDF DocumentStaff Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety (Policy 7540.04)

PDF DocumentStudent Teacher/Intern Form  

Word DocumentStudent Teacher/Intern/Observation Instructions

Word DocumentSubstitute DO NOT USE

Legal Forms

Word DocumentArraign Disclosure Form

Word DocumentAuthorization to Photograph/Videotape

Word DocumentAuthorization to Release Health Information

Word DocumentAuthorization to Release Student Education Record

Word DocumentCommunity Based Education Release

Word DocumentComplaint/Incident Investigation

PDF DocumentContract Request

PDF DocumentFacebook Permission Form

Word DocumentIncident Report Form

Word DocumentMonroe County Truancy Protocol

PDF DocumentPsychotherapy Release Notes

Word DocumentSingle Event Workshop Speaker Agreement

Word DocumentVolunteer Release Form

Professional Development Reporting Forms

Word Document Administrator's Record of Continuing Education Credits

Word Document Annual Record of PD for New Teachers

Word Document Annual Record of PD for Experienced Teachers

Word Document Hourly Staff Training Record

Word Document Mentor Contact Log

Word DocumentProfessional Development Guidelines

Word DocumentSupervising Teacher Final Assessment

McKinney Vento Resources and Forms

Problem Solving Protocol

Special Education Forms - 504 Procedures

PDF DocumentENTIRE - 504 Administrative Guidelines, Procedures and Forms - PDF

                           PDF Document504 Procedure and Guidelines (pgs 1-18)

                           PDF Document504 FAQ (pgs 19-20)

                           PDF Document504 Process Checklist (pg 21)

                           PDF Document504 Referral Form (pg 22)

                           PDF Document504 Parent Input Form (pg 23)

                           PDF Document504 Evaluation and Consent (pg 24)

                           PDF Document504 Meeting Invite (pg 25)

                           PDF Document504 Eligibility Report (pgs 26-27)

                           PDF Document504 Plan (pgs 28-30)

                           PDF Document504 Notice and Procedural Safeguards (pgs 31-33)

                           PDF Document504 Manifestation Determination (pg 34)

Special Education Forms - Assistive Technology


Word DocumentAT Evaluation Form

Word DocumentiPad Application Form

PDF DocumentDevice Loan Agreement for Educational Home Use

PDF DocumentAssistive Technology Process

PDF DocumentAssistive Technology Q and A

Assessment Forms



                 Word DocumentCommunication Assessment Form

Computer Access

                 Word DocumentFine Motor Related to Computer (Access) Assessment Form 

Daily Living Skills

                 Word DocumentLearning and Studying Assessment Form
                 Word DocumentRecreation and Leisure Assessment Form

Fine Motor

                Word DocumentFine Motor Related to Computer (Access) Assessment Form 

                Word DocumentMechanics of Writing Assessment Form

General Assessment

                 Word DocumentObservation Guide

                 PDF DocumentAssistive Technology Checklist

Gross Motor

                 Word DocumentMobility Assessment Form

                 Word DocumentSeating and Positioning Assessment Form

Hearing and Listening Aides

                 Word DocumentHearing Assessment Form


                 Word DocumentComposing Written Material Assessment Form
                 Word DocumentMath Assessment Form
                 Word DocumentReading Assessment Form

Vision Aides

                 Word DocumentVision Assessment Form

Special Education Forms - Personal Curriculum

The personal curriculum is available to students to accelerate or modify the learning environment to succeed with the Michigan Merit Curriculum. To see the Michigan Merit Curriculum Law in its entirety, see MCL 380.1278a and MCL 380.1278b at



  Word DocumentMMCPC Overview Final

  Word DocumentRequest for Personal Curriculum

  Word DocumentPC Eligibility Determination 

  Word DocumentPC Plan

  Word DocumentPC Process Checklist

  Word DocumentPC Process

Content Specific Forms

  Word DocumentArgi-Science

  Word DocumentAlgebra I 

  Word DocumentAlgebra II 

  Word DocumentAnatomy 

  Word DocumentBiology  

  Word DocumentChemistry

  Word DocumentCivics

  Word DocumentEarth Science

  Word DocumentEconomics

  Word DocumentELA 9-10

  Word DocumentELA 11-12

  Word DocumentGeometry

  Word DocumentHealth 

  Word DocumentIntegrated Math I

  Word DocumentIntegrated Math II

  Word DocumentIntegrated Math III

  Word DocumentOnline Learning 

  Word DocumentPhysical Education

  Word DocumentPhysical Science

  Word DocumentPhysics

  Word DocumentUS History and Geography

  Word DocumentVisual Arts

  Word DocumentWorld History 

  Word DocumentWorld Languages

Special Education Forms - Seclusion and Restraint

Special Education Forms - Transition Services

                    Ipad Apps

                IPAD INFORMATION

              iPad Application Form