School Closing Information

School Closing Resources

Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD) contacts the media resources when it closes/delays school due to inclement weather, power outages, etc. These closures/delays affect students attending the Monroe County Educational Center, Monroe County Transition Center, and the Monroe County Middle College. Closures or delays of the Early Head Start, Head Start and GSRP programs will be listed individually.

Parents/Guardians of children within all of these programs will be notified of any change in their daily schedule (due to inclement weather) via a Honeywell Instant Alert message. This alert will be received by parents/guardians via a cell phone call, email or text message. Parents have the option to choose what method these messages are received.

Information regarding school closures/delays is sent to:

Radio Stations

WTWR 98.3 FM (Nash 98 - Monroe, MI)

WSPD 1370 AM (News Radio - Toledo, OH)

Television Stations

WTVG Channel 13 ABC (Toledo, OH)

WTOL Channel 11 CBS (Toledo, OH)

WDIV Channel 4 NBC (Detroit, MI)

WNWO Channel 24 NBC (Toledo, OH)

Important Information...

MCISD does not imply/guarantee that any other Monroe County school/district contacts any of these same sources. Please check with your school/district for a list of their school closing/delay resources.