Office for Safe Schools

Office for Safe Schools

The MCISD Office of Safe Schools is under the umbrella of the MCISD Human Resources Office. There are several initiatives that the MCISD collaborates with the nine local school district to help keep our schools safe.


OK2SAY is a program designed to empower Michigan students, parents, school personnel, community mental health service programs, and law enforcement to share and respond to student safety threats.  For more information, visit the OK2SAY website by clicking here.

Anti Bullying Task Force

It is the mission of the Monroe County Anti Bullying Task Force to understand the complex socio-cultural issue of bullying in the school setting and to provide resources to students, educators, parents and the community that will promote a culture of tolerance within Monroe County schools and within the community.

Monroe County School Emergency Information

PDF DocumentMonroe County School Emergency Guide for Parents and Guardians

PDF DocumentInfectious/Communicable Disease Plan for Students and Staff  

Topics of Interest

From Cyberbullying to Cell Phones

The rapid growth in technology means new issues for school administrators... and lots of questions about how to handle these issues. Questions like... "When can I discipline a student for speech? Can I confiscate a cell phone? Can I search a cell phone"?

Many of these questions and more are addressed in the video "From Cyberbullying to Cell Phone". NSBA Senior Staff Attorney Tom Hutton provides updates on many of today's hot ed tech legal issues. When you keep informed of these issues, you can help guide your school board policies and suggest those that may need to be revisited and revised.

To access the video: Go to

Please be sure to allow the entire video to download before playing. Note: To view this video you must have GoToMeeting installed on your system. If necessary, download and install the GoToMeeting player.

Emergency drill documentation will be posted for each building as drills take place.


Transition Center Drills

PDF DocumentDrill Schedule 20-21




Educational Center Drills

PDF DocumentDrill Schedule 20-21




Monroe County Middle College

PDF DocumentDrill Schedule 20-21

PDF DocumentNov, 2020





School Safety Resources

Assistant Supt for Human Resources & Legal Counsel

Eric Feldman, JD
Assistant Supt for Human Resources & Legal Counsel
Human Resources & Legal Counsel