District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) hours can now be used to renew or advance the following certificates or licenses:

  • Professional Education Certificate

  • Occupational Education Certificate

  • School Administrator Certificate

  • School Counselor License

  • School Psychologist Certificate

  • Progressing from a Provisional to a Professional Certificate (those holding a Provisional Certificate cannot renew a Provisional using SCHECHs)

Due to a recent clarification of MCL 380.1527, the Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) has determined that the license or certificate is no longer relevant to the use of DPPD for certificate progression or renewal, however, as with all DPPD, the following conditions must be met and verified for the professional development to count as DPPD:

(a) The DPPD is appropriate to the grade level(s) and endorsement area(s) for which the educator is certified;

(b) The school agrees to submit to all auditing and documentation requirements established by OPPS.

OPPS does not determine whether an educator's professional development may count as DPPD; the employing school district provides verification that it meets the criteria.  For this reason, before an educator uses the professional development for certificate/license progression or renewal, the employing school administrator/administration must have followed the steps indicated on the District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) Record for Certificate Renewal or Progression to a Professional Education Certificate:

 PDF DocumentMDE DPPD Addendum

Educators and districts may also find the following documents helpful:  

PDF DocumentMDE DPPD FAQ Document

Directions for Logging your District Provided Professional Development in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System: 

PDF DocumentMDE DPPD Log-in Directions

Questions can be directed to the OPPS technical support staff at 517/373-3310 or MOECSsupport@michigan.gov


  1. Enter each program, including category and hours of training into our Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) account on the "View Professional Learning" page under the "Professional Development" tab.

  2. MOECS will not allow more than eight (8) hours to be entered for a single calendar date.  Each calendar date should be listed separately.  DPPD hours should not include travel time or lunch breaks.

  3. Print the list of DPPD hours added to your MOECS account at the end of the school year.

  4. Complete your section of the form, District Provided Professional Development for Certificate Renewal) and have your Principal/District Designee for required verification and signature (one list per school year).   This form will change periodically so be sure you download the most current.

  5. Keep signed form for records and audit by the Michigan Department of Education, if requested.

  6. If, for any reason, the Principal/District Designee will NOT sign the form to verify any hours, delete them from your MOECS account. 

  7. There is no longer a cap on DPPD hours per year.  Any DPPD hours earned and then approved by the district can be used.

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Charter school teachers can use DPPD to renew or progress to a professional teaching certificate.  The DPPD must be entered into MOECS and the appropriate form/s must be completed.

Substitute Teachers must contact their school district to see if that district allows them to receive DPPD.

The district must offer DPPD over at least five (5) DATES and offer at least thirty (30) hours annually.  Districts may provide make-up days, but are not required to by law.  There is no limitation restricting the use of DPPD for renewal/progression of a certificate to a maximum of thirty (30) hours per school year.  Teachers need a total of 150 professional learning hours to renew/progress.  Professional learning hours include:

  • DPPD

  • College Credit (1 semester hour equates to 25 professional learning hours)

  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)

SCECHs Overview

State Continuing Education Clock hours, or SCECHs, are used as an alternative to renewing an educator certificate.  SCECHs are now awarded through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) and an online evaluation is required. 

Individuals who hold the following certificates are eligible to use SCECHs for renewal:

  • Professional Education Certificate

  • Occupational Certificate

  • School Psychologist Certificate

  • School Counselor License

  • School Administrator

  • Provisional Certificate holders may renew using SCECHs (renewable every 3 years - provisionals may be renewed twice)

   (Social Workers in Michigan cannot use SCECHs for license renewal)

The above certificates require annual renewal every five years.  To renew, the participant must earn 150 SCECHs or 6 university credits or a combination of both (one university credit equals 25 SCECHs).

Once the SCECHS are uploaded, participants will receive an email directing them to the web address, www.michigan.gov/moecs to review their personal account and complete the evaluation.  After completion of the evaluation, SCECHs will be awarded and listed on an unofficial transcript.

Participants have 30 days after the program is uploaded to update the personal account and evaluation. 

The Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) no longer sends educator certificates.  Educators print out their certificates from their MOECS account. The certificate requires notarization for validation. 

You can also like the MIEducator Facebook page for updates.

Certification Renewal

The Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) is a secure web based application.  Educators use MOECS to apply for certificates, renewals, and duplicate certificates and pay certification fees using a credit card.  They also upload their District Provided Professional Development, or DPPD (more information on DPPD is above).  MOECS also has a separate location on your account to record the college credits you have earned.  After you have entered MOECS and updated your profile, there will be a menu button that says "ADD COLLEGE CREDITS".  This also applies to DPPD.   

To renew a certificate, you need 150 SCECHs or 6 university credits or a combination of both (one university credit equals twenty-five SCECHs).   You can only renew your certificate between January 1st and June 30th of the year it expires.

IMPORTANT:  If you do not have the required number of SCECHs/Credits/DPPD, you will not be able to renew your certificate.

The Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) no longer sends educator certificates.  Educators print out their own certificate from their MOECS account.    The certificate requires notarization and it is recommended that you print out additional copies, one for your Human Resources department and additional copies for your records.


MDE has recommended that all participants log into their MOECS account and update their personal information under the "Manage Demographics" tab.  You will not receive important reminders from OPPS regarding certificate renewal unless you have a valid email.  It is beneficial to use a personal email address as it is less likely to be changed.  www.michigan.gov/moecs


The Personal Identification Code (PIC) is required when obtaining SCECHS.  Information on locating the PIC (Personal Identification Code).


The optional Advanced Professional Education Certificate is available starting January 1, 2017 and is valid for up to five years.

This certificate recognizes completion of an approved Teacher Leader Program or certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, as well as effective/highly effective annual evaluation ratings.

This certificate is intended to be an indication of an educator’s advanced skills and training in master teaching and/or teacher leadership.  However, school districts approach assignments and benefits associated with the certificate differently; therefore, you are encouraged to talk with your school and district leaders about your district’s approach.

Advanced Professional Education Certificate

Action Required to Ensure Your State Evaluation Data is Accurate