Educational Technology

Educational Technology

In 1997 a one-mill countywide technology millage was approved by the voters of Monroe County.  In 2001 the millage was renewed at slightly less than one mill at .9963.  In 2006 a renewal of this millage was approved for .9866 mill (less than a single mill); which was again renewed in 2011 and 2016. The funds from this millage are distributed to each local district on a per pupil basis and can only be used to support technology in our schools.  

As a result of the technology millage, the manner in which instruction is delivered to our students has changed.

Tech TimelineEvolution of Instructional Technology in Monroe County as Result of the Technology Millage and Renewals since 1997

Since 1997, the Monroe County Technology Enhancement Millage has afforded the school districts in Monroe County the ability to provide students with the most up-to-date educational technology. 

Click the image at right to review this growth within all nine local school districts. 



Monroe County Technology Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the public schools in Monroe County to prepare all students to effectively use technology.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the public schools in Monroe County to drive continuous learning and innovation through the use of technology.

Goal: Teaching and Learning

GOAL 1: Engage students to explore, design, and create.

• Make devices available for all students

• Integrate technology in the classroom to prepare students to be proficient and responsible digital citizens

• Utilize technology to evaluate, create, synthesize, analyze, and problem solve

• Apply knowledge efficiently and effectively

GOAL 2: Empower educators to infuse technology into an enhanced learning environment.

• Adopt and incorporate digital curriculum resources

• Model technology use to evaluate, create, synthesize, analyze, and problem solve

• Provide professional learning opportunities that meet the needs of the staff

• Leverage technology resources for formative, interim, and summative assessments

• Design learning experiences that support higher order thinking through the use of technology

Goal: Infrastructure

GOAL 1: Ensure infrastructure is currentand driven by the curriculum.

• Participate in national and state grants to further support hardware, internet services and device purchasing.

• Hold committee meetings between curriculum and technology to ensure infrastructure meets curriculum and school improvement needs.

• Monitor infrastructure to ensure optimum performance.

GOAL 2: Administer technical support and expertise to maintain the infrastructure.

• Provide meetings and trainings throughout the year to share expertise across the  districts.

• Share best practices to facilitate support and knowledge across districts

• Utilize communication tools to collaborate across the county and the state.

• Provide staffing for technical support

Goal: Communication

GOAL: Effectively communicate to all stakeholders the impact of technology.

• Utilize print and social media to keep all stakeholders informed

Educational Technology in the Classroom

The MCISD has worked closely with each local school district to create informational videos to show how students use technology in the classroom. Please enjoy the videos below.

Video Document Airport Community Schools

Video Document Bedford Public Schools

Video Document Dundee Community Schools

Video Document Ida Public Schools

Video Document Jefferson Schools

Video Document Mason Consolidated Schools

Video Document Monroe Public Schools

Video DocumentSummerfield Schools

Video DocumentWhiteford Agricultural Schools

Transcripts for each video can be available upon request to Christopher Slat at



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