REMC Cooperative Purchasing Program

The REMC Statewide SAVE Project is provided as a service of your REMC for the schools of Michigan. The Project provides large volume bid prices on a variety of educational resources. As a result of this REMC Statewide Project, local schools in Michigan saved more than $35 million in 2007. Each tax dollar saved through this cooperative effort represents another dollar that is available for additional instructional needs.


Purchasing Items

The following lists some of the items that are available for purchase at significant discount through the REMC cooperative purchasing program.

  • Computers & Monitors

  • Digital Cameras

  • Digital Video Cameras

  • Printers and Scanners

  • Instructional Classroom Equipment

  • Library Supplies

  • Audio/Visual Supplies

  • Educational Software

  • Xerox Paper

  • Colored Paper

  • Office Supplies

Visit the REMC Cooperative Purchasing Program website for a complete list of items available through this program, and their associated costs.