Tax Sheltered Annuities

The Monroe County ISD is part of a state-wide consortium called  the Michigan Retirement Investment Corporation (MRIC). As a member of MRIC, we offer employees access to numerous vendors with which employees may invest for their retirement. Additionally, MRIC districts use a third party administrator, TSA Consulting Group, to manage the recordkeeping and bookkeeping aspects of our 403b Plan. Their website can be found at TSA Consulting Group.

TSACG Key Contact Telephone List

TSA Plan Participation Guide

Michigan Retirement Investment Consortium Providers


See the link below for additional information regarding TSA Consulting's role as a our Plan Administrator Provider, Transaction Processing, Distributions, Exchanges/Transfers, and Submitting Transaction Requests.

403(b) and 457 (b) Plan Information for Employees

Transaction Routing Request for Fund Distribution

If you are requesting a roll over or other fund distribution from your 403(b) account, you must first complete the Transaction Routing Request form. After completing this form, you will need to forward it, along with the distribution paperwork from your 403(b) provider to TSA Consulting Group, our Third Party Administrator.

PDF DocumentTransaction Routing Request for Fund Distribution Form


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