Employee Wellness Committee


Because the MCISD highly values the health and well-being of each staff member, one of the organizations goals is a Commitment to Well-being. By implementing this goal, the MCISD is committed to offering well-being initiatives — comprehensive health and productivity programs that tackle elements such as the workforce’s emotional and mental health, social connectivity, physical health, financial education, sense of fulfillment on the job, and many other aspects.

Through this committee, employees have the opportunity to participate in different wellness initiatives that help support personal efforts to create and/or maintain healthy lifestyles.   The employees are encouraged to make the “healthy choice” their preferred choice.  


MARCH 2020

PDF DocumentWellness Calendar March, 2020  

The overall monthly challenge that we encourage everyone to try is the Rise Up! Challenge which challenges you to stand up during 30 phone calls for the next 30 days. We all talk on the phone, so  try adding standing  up every time you pick up the phone.  If you are chatting at work with a colleague, encourage him or her to RISE UP!

Then we have two other challenges and invite everyone to choose one to focus on in the month of March along with the Rise UP! Challenge. 

One is the Go H2O which invites you to replace your non-water beverage with water for 30 day.  Here is a link to the challenge:   https://youtu.be/BdPIpsMEI3U

The second one is Beat Sweets which invites you to cut sugar out for 30 day. Here is a link to the challenge: https://youtu.be/YZDbmpCAgbg

Share your successes with each other!

From the MCISD Wellness Committee

Kathleen Beaudoin

Lisa Sellers

Margot Lechlak

Katie Bourbina

Stephen McNew

Stacey Reaume

Lisa Montrief

Barry Aherne

Josh Dyer

Rachel Kopke

Jacqueline Maes-Gaines

Chris Slat