Pupil Membership Services

Pupil Accounting/Membership Services

Pupil membership data is provided to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) via electronic submission. The September and February submission include the pupil membership count upon which state aid is paid per student; the June submission reports the end of year status and other information for each student. The Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD) staff provide support and consultation services for LEA/PSA pupil accounting and electronic data submissions and conducts pupil membership audits on behalf of MDE.

Pupil Accounting/Membership

Membership Count Days - Per State School Aid Act are scheduled as follows:

  • Fall Count Day- 4th Wednesday after Labor Day

  • Spring Supplemental Count Day - 2nd Wednesday in February

Alternative Membership Count Day: Per Section 6(6)a, of the State School Aid Act, if a district is not in session on the count date due to conditions not within the control of school authorities, with the approval of the State Superintendent of Instruction, the immediately following day on which the district is in session shall be the count day.

For alternating day early childhood programs, alternating day kindergarten programs, and block schedules for which some classes are not scheduled to meet on the count day, the immediately following day on which the program or class is in session shall be the count day.

Membership Count Dates/Submission Deadlines for

  • Count Date:  10/4/2023

  • Supplemental Count Date:  2/14/2024