Substitute Services


New Substitute Teachers

The local districts of Monroe County and the Monroe County Intermediate School District (ISD) contract with EduStaff to provide substitute teachers for all classrooms in the county.  You have the option to substitute in any or all of the nine local public school districts, as well as the Monroe ISD Special Education classrooms. 

The daily rate for substitute teaching is $110.00.  The daily rate for substitute teaching in an ISD Special Education classroom is $115.00.  Additionally, substitute teachers working one-half day (less than 4 hours) will be paid at the rate of $75.00.  One-half day in a Monroe ISD Special Education classroom will be paid at the rate of $80.00.  You can also choose what days of the week you would like to substitute and the grade levels you would like to work with.  A flexible schedule is easy to accommodate.

You can contact EduStaff at 1.877.974.6338Skype Phone Call or visit   You will reference the Monroe ISD as the school district you would like to substitute in.  Later in the application process you will choose the districts within Monroe County you would like to be available for.

Feel free to call the Monroe County ISD Substitute Office at 734.322.2642Skype Phone Call with any questions.

EduStaff Orientation Meetings

Edustaff requires that you attend an orientation meeting before you are approved for employment.  

Substitute Aides, Drivers & Custodians

Substitute aides, drivers and custodians generally are hired directly by the local district or the ISD. If you are interested in applying for substitute aide, custodian or bus driver at the Monroe ISD, please contact Ivy Finley at 734-322-2642Skype Phone Call.


No Substitute Inservice is necessary if you are currently a substitute aide with Monroe County ISD. However, you will need to complete the following before you are made available to substitute in the current school year.