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The mission of the Monroe County CTE Ad Hoc Committee is to help our community meet the very real and immediate challenges of economic development, student achievement, and global competitiveness by empowering students to choose the educational pathway that can lead to success in high school, college and their chosen career.

It is the vision of the Monroe County CTE Ad Hoc Committee to promote rigorous and rich high school experience and embrace career and college readiness with opportunities for all students to acquire 21st century skills. These opportunities will include the application of academic and technical learning to real-world projects to meet the ever-changing career demands of the global economy with a commitment to lifelong learning.

T H E     G O A L
It is a goal of the Monroe County Superintendents Association to provide a county-wide Career and Technical Education (CTE) program which collaboratively will serve nine school districts located within the service areas of Monroe County Community College. This partnership is made up of industry, business, health care agencies, and community-based organizations. The Monroe County CTE program is designed to create a prepared workforce by providing a seamless system of CTE between secondary and post-secondary education that meets the needs of local business and industry. In collaboration with local businesses, students will have the opportunity to experience external work-based experiences such as job shadowing, internships and co-ops.


General video -

Think fast on your feet? Good with your hands? Want to see things come to life? Home building job market is hot…each new home built creates 3 new jobs. Housing starts increased by 84.7% from 2009-2013…2014 housing starts are expected to increase 30%.

Variety of paths to get you to your goal, volunteer, apprentice, vocational school, shop classes, and summer job more.

OJT-Mentoring video -

Continuing education after high school doesn’t always mean college…you can learn in a variety of ways.  On the job training - 185,000 Michigan residents are employed in the trades. The trades allow you to achieved what you work to achieve.

Focus on Careers in the industry -

Jobs in the construction industry are not just swinging a hammer…there are over 100 different job opportunities.

The trades need people…there are more good paying jobs out there than people to fill them.

Once you enter the industry there are many paths to create a long term career.

Home Builders -

Home builders build more than homes…they build communities, jobs and communities.  The home building industry allows for opportunities to get paid to learn. Home Builders, work hard, play hard, teach and build.