Communication Protocol

NOTE: Important information will be communicated using the ISD’s email system, website, social media, newspaper, alert messaging system, ME TV, publications, and other MCISD applications such as survey tools, Learning Management Systems (Moodle), or Google Apps for Education, Office 365, and other electronic tools.


MCISD staff expectations:

  1. Monitor email accounts and voicemail daily.

  2. When applicable, out-of-office voicemail and email messages will be set up when a staff member is out of the office for more than 24 hours. The messages should state how long the staff member will be out, a date of return, and who should be contacted if immediate assistance is needed.

  3. Emails sent using the MCISD email system must follow the guidelines outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.

  4. MCISD staff will use the approved printed letterhead.


Email Protocol

Email requiring a response will occur within 1 (one) business day unless the staff member is out of the office; a reply is expected within 24-48 hours of their return to work. For group email in which a recipient is designated as CC, it is understood that CC designees are not expected to reply.


  • The MCISD Communications Department will send ALLMAIL emails only after approval is received from the requesting department’s Assistant Superintendent.

  • All publications, flyers, program newsletters, and district-wide emails (except HR ALLMAILS) will go through the MCISD’s Communications Department after approval by the department’s Assistant Superintendent.

  • An updated MCISD Support Resources Contact Sheet, listing all programs and support services, is posted on the district’s website and is distributed to all of the local school districts’ administration annually.

  • All MCISD email signatures shall contain the staff member’s name, title, Monroe County Intermediate School District, address of the MCISD, staff member’s phone contact information, and the staff member’s email address.


Important information will be communicated using MCISD approved applications; for example email, survey tools, Learning Management Systems (Moodle), Google Apps for Education, or Office 365.

Electronic folders have been established for various groups within each department. These folders are maintained by all members of the group which can include MCISD and local district staff.


The MCISD will use online calendars for the effective communication of all dates and events. While all staff members maintain their own calendars, the Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education, and Early Childhood departments will maintain the Professional Learning and Meetings Calendar. The Communications Department will manage the Community Calendar, located on the MCISD website.

  • Central Office meetings are held to distribute district and department information. The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents will take the lead in sharing relevant information with staff and the community.
  • Each department has regularly scheduled meetings to facilitate communication to make sure that the appropriate calendars are updated and maintained with the correct information. All external communications shall be disseminated to the appropriate stakeholder groups. Feedback occurs at the department staff meetings.
  • Yearly, an organization-wide survey will be conducted to ensure that consistent communication is taking place at all levels of the system. The Problem Solving Protocol will be used to evaluate and discuss survey data. The MCISD Continuous Improvement Team will develop a plan based on the survey results.

It is expected that all MCISD staff will demonstrate the appropriate level of proficiency in applications such as Outlook, Office 365, Google Apps for Education, online surveys, Wisdomwhere, etc. Necessary training is provided to enhance employees’ skills when needed. New employees will receive training to develop proficiency upon hire.
As part of the AdvancED accreditation process, the MCISD has completed several steps to communicate more effectively. These include:

  • Electronic folders for various internal and external stakeholder groups.
  • Professional Learning and Meetings calendar. 
  • MCISD internal and external Communication Protocol. 
  • All MCISD staff fully trained in the internal and external Communication Protocol.

MCISD Board adopted January, 2017