What is an ISD?

What is an ISD?

The Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD) is the regional educational agency for this portion of the State of Michigan. The MCISD is comprised of nine constituent public school districts, two charter schools, and 15 non-public schools.

Serving as a link between local districts and the Michigan Department of Education, the MCISD connects Monroe County youth -- from birth through age 26 -- with specialized education services and resources in schools and community settings throughout the area.

In addition to special education services provided in students' home districts, the MCISD operates the Monroe County Educational Center for children with complex developmental disabilities, the Monroe County Transition Center for secondary students with disabilities who polish their personal living and employability skills in real-life settings, and Holiday Camp, which is a summer program that offers enrichment and respite activities for students. The MCISD also provides academic programming for students in the juvenile justice system at the Monroe County Youth Center.

Additionally, the MCISD collaborates with a wide range of community agencies and service organizations to develop strategies that address school safety, early childhood development and nurturing, substance abuse prevention, and other social issues that affect students, their families and our community at large.

The MCISD offers professional development opportunities to educators throughout the year, providing presenters and forums in which teachers, administrators and classroom personnel can explore the best practices and emerging strategies that take learning to the next level of excellence.