Schools of Choice

Schools of Choice

To provide a quality education for all students in Monroe County, the Monroe County Schools of Choice Program is offered by the Monroe County Intermediate School District in cooperation with its constituent districts. This program allows parents and students the choice to attend any public school in Monroe County, regardless of where they live.

Remember, a student must be released by his/her resident district.

Schools of Choice Process

• Student applicant and parents complete application and file it with the RESIDENT district.

• Application is reviewed to determine if student meets guidelines to participate in the program.

• Students who do not qualify are notified by the RESIDENT district and the process ends.

• For the student who does qualify, the RESIDENT district signs the application and forwards it to the CHOICE district.

• The CHOICE district informs applicant whether or not space is available at the district. This communication is copied and sent to the RESIDENT district so all parties know who has been accepted by the CHOICE district.

• If space is not available, the family is notified and the process ends.

• For students accepted by the CHOICE district, parents/guardians MUST formally enroll the student.

Schools of Choice Information

The Monroe County Schools of Choice application window will open April 1st.

Please review the Sport-Specific Rule on the MHSAA Webiste, if applicable.

MHSAA Website - Current Transfer Rule Summary | New Sport-Specific Transfer Rule

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PDF Document2024-2025 School of Choice Application