Services & Programs

Special Education Services & Programs

The Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD) Special Education Program offers a variety of services and programs to individuals with disabilities as well as parents and local school districts within Monroe County.

Early Childhood Diagnostics

Maintain referral database and provide diagnostic and evaluation services for children in Monroe County birth to five.  We have established a single entry point for services provided to children birth to five.  Last year the Monroe County Intermediate School District received over 450 referrals for children needing support and services.  A significant number of referrals are received from the local Head Start program to evaluate children who may need special education services.

Childcare and Preschool Consultation

Master Level Teacher Consultants and Early Childhood support staff provide consultation regarding best practices and universal supports for children in childcare or general education preschool settings throughout the county. Two early childhood teacher consultants, two early childhood school psychologists and one early childhood social worker provide frequent consultation to the local Head Start program for social/emotional, academic and language support.

Home Visiting Services

The MCISD has provided a home visiting program for many years under the umbrella of Infant and Toddler Services. The successful administration of other grants held which demonstrate MCISD’s experience with providing quality programming to infants and toddlers include Strong Families Safe Children through the Department of Human Services, Great Parents Great Start, Part C of IDEA, and Early Head Start. All of these programs are designed to identify infants or toddlers who may be at-risk of child abuse and/or neglect, who may be developmentally delayed, or who may have an established medical condition that may result in a delay.  The goals of the infant/toddler programs are to improve family coping skills, promote positive parenting skills and parent-child interaction, and promote optimal child development. Basic components of these programs include a systematic identification of at risk families through a two- step screening procedure and the provision of community-based home visiting family support services.  A developmental assessment is conducted as well as a family interview which is used to identify risk factors experienced within families.  The Infant/Toddler programs operated by the MCISD provide services to over 400 infants and toddlers, and their families, per year.

Parent/Child Interaction Groups

Several early childhood playgroups and readiness groups are facilitated by parent educators to provide opportunities for social interaction, developmental activities and parent education.  These are located throughout the county.

Early Intervention

Parent/Child Interaction groups, therapies and home visiting program for families with an infant/toddler who has developmental disabilities.

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

Special education preschool programs for students with a significant developmental impairment (at least 50% in one area of development).  The MCISD’s ECSE program has a strong history of meeting the educational needs of children 2 ½ to 5 years-old with disabilities in a preschool program, and establishing parent relationships that enhance student growth in the home environment as well.  Each classroom employs best practice strategies in the areas of curriculum, social/emotional development, access to general education peers, and supportive family services. Nine classrooms (18 sections) are located in general education school buildings and early childhood centers throughout the county. A percentage of children who receive services in the ECSE program are dually enrolled in Head Start, and receive services in a Head Start classroom as well.  Over 200 children receive services through the MCISD ECSE program annually.  The program provides intense early intervention to preschool age children with disabilities.  Many of the children have such positive outcomes that they transition to a general education kindergarten setting.

Be Their Hero from Age Zero Summer Camps

Summer camps located at local parks throughout the county that facilitate parent/child interaction and developmentally appropriate outdoor activities.   The camp is funded by local businesses and agencies. 

Be Their Hero from Age Zero

Annual summit that brings together parents, business leaders, community agencies and other stakeholders invested in giving young children a positive start in life.  Professional development is provided during the summit regarding best practices in early childhood.


Informational packets that are received by parents of newborns at local hospitals.  Community resource, infant safety and other important information is distributed to families via these packets.  Families also have the option to receive a follow-up email by MCISD staff after leaving the hospital.

Great Start Collaborative Network

During the last five years the Monroe County Great Start Collaborative has been extremely effective in developing a strong infrastructure within our community to promote and support early childhood issues. One of the key components of the Monroe County Great Start Collaborative is the Great Start Family Coalition. The Great Start Family Coalition is made up of families who are actively engaged in advocating and promoting early childhood in Monroe County. Approximately 2000 families are connected to this network and receive regular information from the Collaborative regarding important events and information related to early childhood in the community.