Transition Overview

The successful movement from school to employment and community living is a desirable and appropriate outcome for all students. Persons with impairments must often cope with significant issues that result in the creation of additional barriers to overcome and hurdles to clear during this critical period.

Monroe County ISD Special Education Services remains committed to providing all essential resources, supports and experiences needed by students and their families to facilitate a seamless transition into integrated employment, adult daily living, and full community participation.

Key Components

The following are the key components that comprise an effective transition program.

  • Interagency planning and cooperation

  • Commitment to the transition process by key individuals who have both the content knowledge and the interpersonal skills to implement successful programs

  • Strong leadership and administrative support

  • Parent involvement and parent support

  • Respect for student responsibility and the promotion of self-advocacy skills

  • Effective linkages and ongoing communication with the business community

  • Functional curriculum alternatives with an emphasis on integration and community based training

  • Written individualized transition plans

  • Availability of continued support by adult service agencies

  • Ongoing assessment of the program by all staff