Software Requirements

Software Requirements

The following lists the plug-ins that are required to access specific types of content on our site. If necessary, download the latest version of the web browsers and free plug-ins listed below.

  • The Online Technology Training modules are in Flash format and require the latest FlashPlayer plug-in.

  • Applitrack - our online employment posting and application system - has a list of requirements in PDF format posted on the vendor's web site.

  • WisdomWhere (Coursewhere) - our web-based professional development registration system - requires a browser that supports 128-bit data encryption. Due to the scripting and programming behind this system, it works best with version 5.5 (or higher) of the Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser.

  • WebCenter - our web-based substitute employee management center - requires a browser that supports 128-bit data encryption. The current versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator browsers possess this functionality.

  • For the streaming video service, please read the Requirements and Downloadable Plug-ins help topic on the United Streaming web site to determine the necessary software requirements for your computer (this covers both PC and MAC platforms).

  • Some of the content provided on this site is in PDF format, which requires Acrobat Reader 5.0 (or higher).

  • Some content is also provided in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word format. You must have that specific Microsoft Office product (preferably version 2002 or better) to access those files.


Google Chrome


Advisory: While installing any of the products listed above, you may be prompted to restart your system in order to complete the installation process. It is highly recommended that you exit all open programs before installing any software.