Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Presently, distance learning technology may be used to:

  • Go on a Virtual Field Trip

  • Conduct/attend a videoconference

  • Participate in professional development opportunities

  • Increase educational opportunities for county students

  • Provide various community and educator opportunities

These illustrate a few of the many learning experiences and events that may be enhanced through distance learning.

Distance Learning Opportunities

Both the community at large, as well as county educators can reap benefits from the interactive video network, such as:

Community Education

  • Parenting speakers

  • Investing Workshops (e.g. children's education & retirement)

  • Adult education classes

  • Community interaction with legislators and other communities

Educator Opportunities

  • Mentoring Support (sharing of techniques, situations, and modeling)

  • Teacher-to-teacher exchanges

  • District-wide meetings for principals/teachers/support staff

Interactive Video Network

Distance learning and the interactive video network (IVN) will provide many educational opportunities for Monroe County students, which include:

  • Collaborating with other classrooms on special projects and activities

  • Sharing of class art projects, essays, and poetry

  • Presenting speeches and plays to expanded audiences

  • Expanding course offerings by sharing the costs for virtual classes on unique subject areas (e.g. foreign languages)

An Interactive Video Network (IVN) Curriculum Committee has been formed. This committee is comprised of members from MCISD and each of the nine local school districts. Its purpose is to determine which instructional uses of IVN would be most beneficial for the students of the districts, and how to move forward with implementation.