Baby Net

Baby Net Initiative

Baby Net is a coordinated effort by the Great Start Collaborative to provide packets of information to the parents of newborns delivered in Toledo and Monroe area hospitals. These packets include:

  • Family Resource Guide (filled with Community -Based Resources)

  • Developmental Wheel

  • Safe Sleep information

  • A congratulations letter

  • Helpful materials/resources for many Monroe County agencies

Also included in the packet is a release form for follow-up contact. Families that sign the release agree to receive a telephone call from Monroe County ISD personnel when the child is between 30-90 days old. This contact is made to inquire about the need for services and development of the baby. Home visits are made to those families who express interest. The goal is to then make another call when the baby turns two to again check on development.

 These packets may also be distributed to families referred to the Monroe County Health Department.