Michigan Model

The Michigan Model for Health is a comprehensive K-12 health education program providing curriculum (including teacher, parent and student resources) in the areas of bully/violence prevention, drug prevention, communicable disease prevention, nutrition & physical activity promotion and safety awareness (seat belt, internet, stranger danger, etc.). The Michigan Model for Health is a research-based, grant-funded program that has been available to all schools within the REMC 19 Lenawee and Monroe region since 1985. A health education consultant is available through the Lenawee ISD and Monroe ISD to provide curriculum training, classroom follow-up and technical assistance.

In addition to the Michigan Model for Health grant, the local ISD school health education office also coordinates grants from the Michigan Nutrition Network (SPLASH-Shaping Positive Lifestyles and Attitudes through School Health) and Safe & Drug Free Schools.

Michigan Model for Health Curriculum (Revised in 2006)

Kindergarten through High School
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Michigan Model For Health Grades K-12 (Fall, 2016)