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High School Content Expectations

Holding students to consistent, high standards that will prepare them for the life and global economy they will face is the focus behind Michigan's new high school graduation requirements. Successfully completing these requirements will give your high school graduate a strong foundation in preparation for higher education and to be competitive in securing the jobs of the 21st Century. In the short-term, the requirements will prepare your student to pass the Michigan Merit Exam and assist in college admission.

While the new requirements dramatically change the face of education in Michigan, parent involvement remains critical to a student's success. The failure of even one semester of a required course could result in your son or daughter being in danger of not graduating with his/her class. While local districts will continue to determine the total number of credits needed to graduate, the state has now set the number of credits in each subject area and, in many cases, specified the specific courses that must be taken in English, mathematics, science, social studies, health/physical education, the arts (visual, performing or applied), and world languages. An online learning experience is also required.

With the exception of world languages, these requirements, went into effective with the Class of 2011. If you have children who will graduate in 2011 or later, it is essential that you fully understand the requirements so you can guide your child in making sound academic decisions as s/he moves toward high school graduation.

High School Content Expectations

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