Educators Professional Development

Professional Development - For Employees of the Monroe County ISD

We hope that educators throughout Monroe County are pleased with the variety of professional development sessions that MCISD has to offer.

Wisdomwhere - our web-based professional development registration and tracking system - is the only means available for individuals to register for professional development sessions we offer. The software may be accessed at any time from any computer that has a connection to the Internet for your convenience.

We strongly recommend individuals regularly visit Wisdomwhere to view all of our offerings.

IMPORTANT: All registration confirmations and session change/cancellation notifications are sent to registrants via email only. Please check your email regularly.

Hotmail Users

Due to recent changes by Microsoft, individuals using Hotmail may not be able to receive emails from Wisdomwhere and the Monroe County ISD. This includes:

  • Id/Password information (including the Email My Id function)

  • Registration confirmation

  • Session changes/cancellations/reminders

  • Any other pertinent session information

  • To ensure receipt of email from Wisdomwhere and the Monroe County ISD, it is highly recommended that you update your Wisdomwhere account with a different email address. There are other email providers that offer free email accounts, such as YahooMail and gMail.