SCECHs and Social Work CECs

SCECHs: State Continuing Education Clock Hours

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) are State Board approved inservice, workshop, training, or conference credits that are used for the renewal of selected certificates issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and for meeting the continuing education requirement for school administrators.

SCECH Application

PDF DocumentInstructions for SCECH Application & Agenda

PDF DocumentExample SCECHs Application

PDF DocumentExample SCECHs Agenda

PDF DocumentSCECH Program Application (with additional WW info)

Word DocumentSCECH Program Agenda

SCECH Session Overview

PDF Document Session Overview

Who Needs SCECHs?

Individuals who hold the following certificates are eligible to use SCECHs towards renewal:

  • Professional Certificate
  • Standard Certificate
  • Administrator Certificate
  • Occupational Certificate
  • School Psychologist Certificate
  • School Guidance Counselor Certificate

How Do I Earn SCECHs?

Earning SCECHs

SCECHs can be earned by attending a training/workshop that offers SCECH credit. At the training/workshop, complete the provided SCECH Registration Form and ALWAYS be sure to sign in (100% attendance is required). The information will then be uploaded to the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) by the SCECH Sponsor and you will receive an evaluation that must be completed before you are awarded the credit. If you do not receive an evaluation email notification within 20 days, check your MOECS account.

SCECHs Can Also Be Earned from “Non-Traditional Activities”

School Committee Meetings - To earn State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) for School Committees, it must be a school recognized committee consisting of educators employed by the school, collaborating on topics related to school functions and activities.

School Improvement Team Meetings - To earn State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) for School Committees, it must be a school recognized committee consisting of educators employed by the school, collaborating on topics related to school functions and activities. To earn SCECH for School Improvement Team meetings, it must be a local or intermediate school board approved Public Act 25 School Improvement Team.

To be eligible for SCECHs School Committee Meetings and/or School Improvement Meetings participants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Participants must have verified attendance at ¾ of the scheduled committee meetings, but not less than six meetings, to be eligible for SCECHs (no mixing and matching of committee meetings).  If nine meetings are scheduled, six meetings must be attended.  If eight meetings are scheduled, six must be attended, etc.  See chart below.  Participants can only earn 25 SCECHs per school year, no matter how many different school committees in which they participate.

 SCECH School Improvement Team Attendance Requirement = 25 SCECH Credits Annually

SCECHS School Improvement Team Attendance Requirements = 25 SCECH Credits Annually

No. of Scheduled Meetings Required 3/4 Scheduled Meeting Attendance
6 6
7 6
8 6
9 6
10 7
11 8
12 9
13 10
14 10
15 11

2. Attendance must be verified and signed by the committee chairperson for each meeting.  The chairperson must submit to the SCECH coordinator, no later than 30 calendar days from the end date of the training, the complete packet of meeting agendas and either sign in/outs (with original signatures of participants) or minutes of meetings as verification of attendance (attendance list included in minutes must be signed by chairperson to verification it is correct).  The coordinator must keep the original documentation in the SCECH record.  School personnel keep the copies.

3. Twenty-five (25) SCECHs are available per school year for participants meeting the aforementioned criteria.

4. The program approval file must include the approved program approval or email, agenda for each meeting, sign in/out sheets or signed minutes for each meeting, and verification form signed by the appropriate individual.

Each Non-Traditional activity may only be used a max of 3 times toward certificate renewal within certificate renewal period - max of 75 SCECHs.

Can My School District/Building Offer SCECHs?

Can My District/Building Offer SCECHs for On-Site PD?

Yes! If districts/buildings are offering professional development at least 1 hour in length, it may be eligible for SCECHs. District/building designees must complete the SCECH Application and return it to the Curriculum and Instruction Department no later than 45 days prior to the first session date. Completed SCECH applications can be sent via email


Twenty-five (25) SCECHs may be awarded per semester for:

  • New Teacher mentor

  • School Counselor mentor

  • School Psychologist Mentor (mentoring for at least a full semester of an academic year)

  • New Principal/Administrator Mentor (principal/admin mentoring for one school year)


  • Supervision of Student Teacher/Teacher Intern

  • Supervision of School Counselor Internship

  • Supervision of School Psychologist Required Practicum/Internship – this supervision is for a one placement period of not less than eight (8) weeks

  • Supervision of Pre-Teaching/Mid-Tier Student/Pre-Service Student (earn up to 15 hours by logging actual supervision time)

Locating your PIC Number

As of August 2015, all SCECH forms must include PIC numbers.

If you do not know your PIC number, visit the following MDE website:

External LinkMichigan Educator Certification Status

MDE: Locating your PIC number

Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative (CEC)

The Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative (CEC) exists to support Michigan social workers and ensure that all continuing educational programs, trainings and practice meet the guidelines established in the Social Work Licensure law.

External LinkMI Social Work Continuing Education Application Packet

The application must be submitted to no later than 45 days before the date of the event.

Registration is completed through Wisdomwhere. Please submit a New Wisdomwhere Event/Session Form to add an event in Wisdomwhere.

Verification & Sign- In Forms

Each participant wishing to apply for SCECHs must download, complete, and submit the corresponding forms by the indicated deadline.

It is highly recommended the following sign-in sheets be used for tracking attendance of all activities.

School Improvement Team

Word Document Verification Form

Word Document Sign-In Sheet

School Committee

Word Document Verification Form

Word Document Sign-In Sheet

Supervising – Cooperating Teacher/School Counselor/School Psychologist

 Word Document Verification Form  

Supervising - Pre-Teaching/Mid-Tier/Pre-service Student

Word DocumentVerification Form

PDF DocumentSupervision Log


Word DocumentVerification Form

Word DocumentMentor Log