Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) Seat Time Waiver?

The GISD Seat Time Waiver (STW) expands learning options for high school students while still allowing the pupil to be counted for membership. In order to accomplish this, sections of the MDE Pupil Accounting Manual (PAM) and Administrative Rules (AR) were waived with certain provisions.

  • Virtual Learning at a pupil's self scheduled time and place

  • PAM - Section 5O

  • AR -Section R340.11

  • Student may be scheduled for more than 2 classes of line learning outside of the classroom and school building. Up to 100% of a student's schedule may be on line. No seat time is required. Student does not have to be enrolled in a class that requires seat time. No attendance in a class is required.

  • Expelled or suspended due to disciplinary action

  • PAM - Section 5N

  • A suspended or expelled pupil may be enrolled in online courses and be counted for membership as any other student enrolled in the seat time waiver.

  • A pupil is considered a full time student if the combined number of classes that the pupil is enrolled in equals the number of classes scheduled for a full time pupil at the local district high school.

  • Work-based learning experience

  • AR - Section 340.15

  • PAM - Section 5P

  • Students may combine a variety of off-site learning experiences such as online, non-CTE work-based, and postsecondary to equal a full time schedule of courses. All other work-based rules are in effect. Students do not have to be enrolled in a traditional class that requires seat time.

  • Postsecondary enrollment option

  • PAM Section 5G

  • AR - Section R340.17

The requirement to be enrolled in a traditional class is waived. An online course or a work-based course may count as the "one high school course" as long as the pupil has not completed graduation requirements.

2. Who is considered to be a full time pupil equal to one full FTE?

A pupil is considered a full time student if the combined number of classes that the pupil is enrolled in equals the number of classes scheduled for a full time pupil at the local district high school. This may vary from high school to high school. If the high school requires 6 classes for a full time student, then the pupil must be enrolled a total of 6 classes. If the high school requires 4 classes for a full FTE, then the combined number of classes must be 4.

3. Can the FTE be prorated for a STW student?

Yes. For example, full time is considered 6 classes at a high school. A pupil is enrolled in 4 classes. The prorated FTE would be .67 FTE.

4. What kinds of classes can a STW student take?

A STW student can take a combination of traditional, virtual or dual-enrolled classes.

5. Can my middle school student be a seat time waiver?

Not at this time. The Genesee County STW was granted for high school students only, grades 9-12.

6. Does the STW allow home school and nonpublic school pupils to enroll in the high school?

A student who is receiving ANY instruction in a home school or nonpublic school can only be enrolled as a part time public school student in nonessential courses. School districts cannot receive state school aid funds for any essential core curriculum courses for home school students. A high school student who is enrolled as a full time student is NOT a home school student.

7. Can a student take just one online course through the GenNET Portal?

Yes. Any student in a HS/MS building in Michigan can take courses through the GenNET Portal. The State says that a student can take up to two online courses without a STW.

8. As a parent, how do I get my student enrolled in as a STW student?

First, you will need to contact your local HS principal or counselor to begin the application process.

9. A student didn't enroll as a STW for first semester/trimester; can they enroll for second semester/trimester?

Yes. A participating school district can enroll a student any time throughout the school year as a STW student.

10. Is there a cost to the school for participating in the Genesee County STW?

The only cost(s) that will be billed to the school from GenNET is the course tuition and any books/materials that are ordered.

11. Are the online courses on the GenNET Portal aligned to Michigan Standards?

Yes. All core courses are aligned to MI standards. To obtain a detailed crosswalk for a particular course, contact the GenNET Office at (810) 591-4463 or email

12. Are the online courses on the GenNET Portal NCAA approved?

Please see the listing under Course Providers for detailed course approval information.

13. What types of students can take advantage of the STW?

Click here for a profile of students served. The profile includes the students who can be served, but not limited to. It is a local district decision on how to apply the waiver to their student body.

14. The virtual online courses require a mentor. Who may act as a mentor?

The mentor must be a certified professional employed by the district.

15. Does a STW student have to take the MME?

Yes. Just as any other student, they too must take the MME.

16. Can a STW student be enrolled as student with a "Reduced Schedule?"


17. Can students enrolled at a Career Tech Center enroll in a STW?

Students at a Career Tech Center must enroll through their local district high school. If the student's local district high school is a part of the STW, the student may enroll as a STW student.

18. Are nonresident and Schools of Choice students allowed to enroll in a STW?

Yes. The student should be offered the same educational opportunities and options as resident students.

19. If a nonresident student is enrolled in a local district as a "child of an employee" may that student be a STW student?


20. A school district wants to combine community college dual-enrollment and high school virtual classes. Would the college dual-enrollment courses HAVE to be purchased through GenNET?

The college courses do not have to be purchased through GenNET.

21. May homebound / hospitalized (H/H) students be enrolled in the STW?

A H/H pupil must be seen by a certified teacher for two 45 minute sessions or two 1 hour sessions by a certified teacher. This rule cannot be waived. But there is no limit on the number of virtual classes that an H/H pupil can take.

22. How many students from my high school can enroll in a STW?

The number of students who may exercise the STW option can be up to 25% of the student population in a participating high school building, but not to exceed 10% of the county high school population.

23. How often must the teacher mentor make contact with the STW student?

The teacher mentor must make contact with the student at least once per week. This may be face-to-face, email, phone or other means of communication. The amount of support needed will vary according to the student's needs.

24. How will the pupil accounting auditor verify attendance for pupil membership count day?

The pupil accounting auditor must verify that the teacher mentor has made contact with the pupil on the count day or during the count period. The teacher mentor must make contact with the pupil at least weekly.