Software Library

Assistive Technology Loan Library - Software

The following provides information about the software available in our assistive technology loan library. Please contact the Assistive Technology Consultant to check out any of these items.

Available Software

Full descriptions can be found in the Assistive Technology Loan Library catalog.

  • 2+2: A large print, talking math fact and algebra problem software

  • Boardmaker (Win & MAC)

  • Cause & Effect Factory

  • Co: Writer 4000

  • CrossScanner (Win)

  • Discover: Kenx

  • Draft: Builder

  • Five Finger Typist

  • Intellikeys Overlay Maker

  • IntelliMathics Version

  • IntelliPics/IntelliPics Studio

  • IntelliTalk II

  • IntelliTools Math Number Concepts 1

  • Instand Access for IntelliKeys

  • Living Books Set A

  • Living Books Set B

  • Living Books Set C

  • Living Books Set D

  • Living Books Set E

  • Looking for Words

  • Math Pad (for IntelliKeys)

  • PixWriter

  • Show Me Math

  • Show Me Spelling

  • Single Switch Software for Teens

  • Switch Basics

  • Touch! (Win)

  • UKanDu Switches, Too! Programs (Win/Mac)

  • WordWise CD-ROM (Win/MAC)

  • Write: OutLoud