MME: Michigan Merit Examination

The Michigan Merit Examination (MME) assesses students in grade 11 and eligible students in grade 12 based on Michigan high school standards. It is administered each March, and consists of three components:  

  • ACT Plus Writing® college entrance examination

  • WorkKeys® job skills assessments in reading, mathematics, and "locating information"

  • Michigan-developed assessments in mathematics, science, and social studies

(Source: Michigan Department of Education)

MME MCISD Resources

MME - Mathematics Practice Tests

Interested in practice questions for the MME - Mathematics tests? You may download the MME Mathematics Practice Questions file (2.79 MB) and print off any or all pages. The answers, along with the topics related to each question, are in the MME Mathematics Questions Prep ANSWERS file (951 KB). It really is in your best interest to TRY the problems first, THEN look at the answers. If you find you don't understand some of the questions, or aren't sure how to find some of the answers, please ask your mathematics teacher. Mathematics teachers LOVE to be asked for help by students who really want to understand mathematics!

PDF DocumentMME Mathematics Practice QUESTIONS

PDF DocumentMME Mathematics Questions Prep ANSWERS

MME Materials

PDF DocumentImproving Student Performance on the MME Test

PDF DocumentMichigan Electronic Library (MEL) Free Test-Prep/Tutorial Resources

PDF DocumentMME Hot Topics: Mathematics

PDF DocumentOn-line ACT MME Resources

PDF DocumentWorkKeys formula sheet

PDF DocumentWorkKeys level: Applied Math

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Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment