Personal Curriculum

Personal Curriculum

The personal curriculum is available to students to accelerate or modify the learning environment to succeed with the Michigan Merit Curriculum. To see the Michigan Merit Curriculum Law in its entirety, see MCL 380.1278a and MCL 380.1278b.

NEW - Seclusion and Restraint

PDF DocumentSeclusion and Restraint Documentation

PDF DocumentSeclusion and Restraint Debriefing

PDF DocumentEmergency Seclusion and Restraint FAQs


  Word DocumentMMCPC Overview Final

  Word DocumentRequest for Personal Curriculum

  Word DocumentPC Eligibility Determination 

  Word DocumentPC Plan

  Word DocumentPC Process Checklist

  Word DocumentPC Process

Content Specific Forms

  Word DocumentArgi-Science

  Word DocumentAlgebra I 

  Word DocumentAlgebra II 

  Word DocumentAnatomy 

  Word DocumentBiology  

  Word DocumentChemistry

  Word DocumentCivics

  Word DocumentEarth Science

  Word DocumentEconomics

  Word DocumentELA 9-10

  Word DocumentELA 11-12

  Word DocumentGeometry

  Word DocumentHealth 

  Word DocumentIntegrated Math I

  Word DocumentIntegrated Math II

  Word DocumentIntegrated Math III

  Word DocumentOnline Learning 

  Word DocumentPhysical Education

  Word DocumentPhysical Science

  Word DocumentPhysics

  Word DocumentUS History and Geography

  Word DocumentVisual Arts

  Word DocumentWorld History 

  Word DocumentWorld Languages