Test Preparation Resources (MME, ACT, WorkKeys Prep)

Test Preparation Resources (MME, ACT, WorkKeys prep)

While the MCISD offers some test-preparation support to local high school students each year, we do not administer the ACT or WorkKeys tests (except to our MCISD-enrolled students). If you or someone you know wishes to take the ACT or other college-entrance tests, or the WorkKeys tests, please do the following:

  • ACT, SAT, PSAT, PLAN, EXPLORE testing - please contact your local high school guidance/counseling office. They will have the most up-to-date information for you about upcoming testing dates and how to register for the tests. Except for the ACT when included in the MME test, there are usually fees for taking these tests.

  • WorkKeys testing and National Career Readiness Certification - please contact the Monroe County Community College at 734-384-4127. The general public may test at MCCC, as well as current high school students (this is NOT in lieu of taking the MME). Tests are generally given on-demand, and there is a fee.

MME - Mathematics Tests

Interested in practice questions for the MME - Mathematics tests? You may download the MME Mathematics Practice Questions file (2.79 MB) and print off any or all pages. The answers, along with the topics related to each question, are in the MME Mathematics Questions Prep ANSWERS file (951 KB).

PDF DocumentMME Mathematics Practice QUESTIONS Jan 2009

PDF DocumentMME Mathematics Questions Prep ANSWERS

 It really is in your best interest to TRY the problems first, THEN look at the answers. If you find you don't understand some of the questions, or aren't sure how to find some of the answers, please ask your mathematics teacher.

MME, ACT, & WorkKeys Preparation Materials

PDF DocumentImproving Student Performance on the MME Test

PDF DocumentMME Hot Topics: Mathematics

PDF DocumentACT and Other Standardized Test Preparation And Practice Test Resources

PDF DocumentWorkKeys formula sheet

PDF DocumentWorkKeys level: Applied Math

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