Data for Student Success (Data4SS)

Data4SS: Data for Student Success

The MCISD is excited to offer to all our public schools and districts the Data4SS ("data force") project professional development and on-line tools. These rich resources from Calhoun ISD will enable our local buildings and districts to more effectively gather, interpret, analyze, report, and act upon student performance data. Each school building is asked to send a team of educators to this fall's training. MCISD Data4SS Coaches will work with each building over the course of the school year to support improved use of data, leading to improved student learning.


Below are the resources from the training binders, should you need extra copies. We are very grateful to Calhoun ISD for creating most of these materials, and we encourage you to visit their Data for Student Success website at:

General Data4SS Training and Clarification Resources

PDF DocumentSome Key Questions to Ask as You Examine Data

Powerpoint DocumentData4SS?  Inform?  Benchmark?  RDI?  How does this all fit together?

PDF DocumentReflecting on the Rick Stiggins and the Black & Wiliam Articles – Questions for Team Discussion 

Section A

PDF DocumentFERPA - Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

PDF DocumentHelpful FERPA Resources

Section B

PDF DocumentBuilding a Culture of Quality Data

PDF Document B-2: Roles & Responsibilities in Building a Culture of Quality Data

PDF Document B-5: Characteristics of a Culture of Quality Data

Section C

PDF DocumentUsing State Data to Identify School Improvement Goals

PDF Document C-4: Building - Content Area Proficiency

Word Document C-8: Overall Building Sub-Group Level Achievement

Word Document C-17: Sub-Group Level Achievement

Word Document C-30: Data Narrative Statements Sheet

Section D

PDF DocumentUsing School Data to Clarify and Address the Problem

Word DocumentD-3: Assessing Your Culture of Quality Data

Word DocumentD-15: District K-12 Assessment Plan Template

Word DocumentD-24: Schools Planning Guide Template

Word DocumentD-28: Data Coach Site Report Notes

Word DocumentD-34: Cohort Proficiency

Word DocumentD-Addendum: Quarterly Monitoring Plan - Ensuring that Expectations Get Assessed

Section E

PDF DocumentExamining Student Work to Inform Instruction

Word DocumentE-5: Five Critical Questions of Learning

Word DocumentE-6: Planning a Data Conference Template

Word DocumentE-8: SMART Goals Agenda Template

Word DocumentE-10: Data Team Learning Log Template

Section F

PDF DocumentUsing Classroom Data to Monitor Student Progress

Word DocumentF-2 & F-4: Unpacking a GLCE/HSCE Template

Word DocumentF-18 & F-19: ELA Monitoring Plan for a Grade Level

Word DocumentF-20 & F-21: Mathematics Monitoring Plan for a Grade Level

Word DocumentF-22: Monitoring Plan by Student for a Marking Period

Section G

PDF DocumentData4SS Dynamic On-Line Inquiry User's Guide

MCISD Data4SS Team Members

Assistant Superintendent

Montrief, Lisa
Assistant Superintendent

Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment

Berry, Kathleen
Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment

If you experience problems with your Data4SS On-Line User ID or password, please contact Lori Goethe via email or call 734.242.5799 x 3124. Thank you.