Educational Center Core Curriculum

Educational Center Core Curriculum

Under Public Act 25, local school districts determine their core curriculum. This is the set of learning outcomes by subject area that students are expected to master by the time they graduate. In special education at the Monroe County Educational Center (MCEC) the curriculum is molded by state and federal law, established guidelines and the IEP process.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP

Each student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that is reviewed at least annually. The IEP contains very specific goals and objectives written in measurable terms that represent what each child or young adult is expected to pursue over the course of the year. Individual student goals and objectives, when looked at collectively, shape and influence the direction of the curriculum at the MCEC. Teaching and learning materials, as well as evaluation methods, are aligned with the plan.

Curriculum guidance is also provided by federal law, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and by Michigan law including the Revised Administrative Rules for Special Education. Further guidance is provided by the Michigan Department of Education - Office of Special Education. At this time, we are using:

  • Curriculum Guide for Trainable Mentally Impaired (TMI) Students as written by the MCEC staff

  • Curriculum for Students with Severe Mental Impairments and Severe Multiple Impairments (SMI) as written by the Washtenaw Intermediate School District.

  • Curriculum from the Michigan Department of Education

Staff continue to adapt curriculum and materials to meet the individual needs of each student. The core academic curriculum is available in each student's home school district and students may enroll in those courses or subjects as recommended by the IEPC.

Least Restrictive Environment

The opportunity for students to learn must be provided in a safe and supportive environment. This environment can be in a neighborhood school, in the community, in the home and/or at the Educational Center.

A number of former students are now enrolled in inclusive settings while others are in cross-categorical settings in their local districts. This includes four satellite classrooms for students with cognitive impairments (CI) located at Monroe High School, Mason High School, Ida Middle School, and Jefferson Middle School.