Educational Center School Improvement

Educational Center School Improvement Plan

Student input continued to increase within the program through the efforts of the Student Council. Elected students, with the assistance of facilitators, chose activities for the school as a whole. Student council members generate ideas for activities and then vote among themselves in order to reach a final decision for the student body.

Participation in staff-shared planning experiences for the benefit of the students has increased. Monthly idea-sharing meeting were held, conferences were attended by some, and activities were planned and executed.

Students participated in both cross-age and cross-ability activities. Every MCEC student participated in new activities again this year.

School Improvement Goals at MCEC

  • All students will participate in collaborative learning experiences.

  • Student communication skills will increase.

  • Students will participate in activities which promote feelings of increased self worth and self confidence.

  • MCEC will promote family participation in school activities.